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Product introduction:

High efficiency non oxidizing bactericide for membrane is a special non oxidizing bactericide for reverse osmosis system, which is used for sterilization of reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane system. When it is combined with the cleaning agent provided by our company, the cleaning effect of the membrane can be better and the cleaning frequency can be reduced. Gl-ro180 can be added online or impact into the membrane system. It is effective for bacteria, fungi, yeasts, cyanobacteria and real algae. The sterilization onset time is better than most other non oxidizing fungicides, and even comparable to oxidizing fungicides. It is applicable to a wide range of pH and has good biodegradability. Broad spectrum sterilization, effective for a wide range of microorganisms. Safe operation, non flammable and non-volatile. It is applicable to various membrane products produced by Dow. Filmtec, Ge, Hydranautics, Toray, Shihan and other major manufacturers in the world.


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