National difficulties, call will come, war will win! Shandong great lakes donated ten tons of disinfectant to help prevent and control the epidemic!Return

         The new progress of the virus epidemic in 2020 affects the people all over the country. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it and issued important instructions and instructions calling for full prevention and control and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic. In the face of the epidemic, the whole society has the responsibility and obligation to lend a helping hand. As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Shandong Dadu new materials Co., Ltd. made a rapid response, contacted the leader of the leading group of relevant departments to deal with the pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection, and coordinated the company's production, logistics and other departments to donate 10 tons of disinfectant free of charge to the designated place on February 3 to fight against the pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection.

        The leaders of the State Council should pay close attention to the prevention and control of the outbreak of cough when they go out. Once the leaders of the State Council have made decisions, they should report the symptoms of the outbreak in a timely manner, and the leaders of the State Council should pay high attention to the prevention and control of the outbreak of cough. For the employees on duty and working overtime during the festival, the prevention and emergency mechanism shall be fully launched, and the office space shall be disinfected many times every day. The on-site operators must disinfect and wear equipment in strict accordance with the requirements, so as to fully ensure the safety of business operators and operation links.


       In the face of the current severe epidemic situation, Shao Mingwei, executive director of Shandong great lakes, asked that while doing a good job in the epidemic prevention of the whole staff, overcome all difficulties, take positive action, mobilize all resources, improve production capacity, and donate disinfectants free of charge to the front-line traffic police, front-line traffic management, Emergency Management Bureau, schools, property and front-line reporters, Take practical actions to build a solid defense line for the prevention and control of the life safety and health of front-line staff, and fulfill the social responsibility and mission of Shandong great lakes!

       Wang Lina, general manager of Shandong great lakes new materials Co., Ltd., was interviewed: "we saw from the news that there is a shortage of fungicides. We organized human and material resources to work overtime to produce this disinfectant. We hope that through our behavior, we can drive more people and give more love to end the epidemic as soon as possible."

      The epidemic is ruthless, and the great lakes have love. Shandong Dahu will, with a high sense of social responsibility, fully support the prevention and control of novel coronavirus in epidemic areas. Next, we will continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic situation, and be ready to supplement and deliver goods at any time according to the actual needs of all localities, so as to contribute to winning this war without gunpowder smoke!


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