Water treatment bactericide and reverse osmosis bactericideReturn

         In the process of work, customers often ask, they are all fungicides. What is the difference between the cost performance of reverse osmosis fungicide and water treatment fungicide? How can I choose the bactericide suitable for our process?

        Reverse osmosis membrane bactericide and water treatment bactericide have both similarities and differences. A simple understanding is good. For example, there will not be two identical people with the same reason! So, what is the difference between special bactericide for reverse osmosis membrane and water treatment bactericide?

        First, let's talk about what they have in common. First, they are all fungicides; Second, in terms of function, they are used to control microbial growth and effectively control the reproduction of bacteria and algae in water and the growth of slime.

       Second, the differences. ① Different application ranges: water treatment bactericides are also called bactericides and algicides. They can be mainly divided into oxidizing bactericides and algicides and non oxidizing bactericides and algicides, which can be used in any occasion. For example: circulating water system, central air conditioning and other areas; The reverse osmosis membrane bactericide is different. It is mainly used in the reverse osmosis equipment system and is suitable for all kinds of reverse osmosis membranes. In addition, as a maintenance measure of biological control scheme, special bactericide for reverse osmosis membrane can degrade rapidly and meet the requirements of environmental protection. ② Different functional characteristics: Although water treatment fungicides have similarities, it does not mean that they can be used in common with each other. The main purpose of reverse osmosis non oxidizing bactericide is to effectively control the microbial growth of reverse osmosis system and keep the surface of reverse osmosis membrane clean. ③ Different dosage: different water treatment fungicides have different use methods and different dosage, as well as non oxidizing fungicides of reverse osmosis membrane! The dosage of bactericide is 100mg / L, which is generally used for algae killing treatment; When used for slime stripping, the dosage is generally 150-300mg / L. The precise dosage also depends on the type of system, water quality and the type and degree of microorganisms. The use method of bactericide for reverse osmosis membrane is that it can be continuously added online or intermittently added online during system operation. It is recommended to add 10-15ppm during continuous addition; For intermittent dosing, it is recommended to dosing twice a week for 30 minutes each time, with the dosage of 100-500ppm. The produced water in the dosing process must be drained.

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