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Product introduction:

Copper corrosion inhibitor is an all organic and efficient composite product combined by the world's advanced high-throughput combinatorial chemical technology. This product is an effective corrosion inhibitor for copper, silver, cast iron, lead, tin, nickel, cadmium and their alloys. This product provides mechanical and electrochemical corrosion inhibition of copper, brass, bronze and other metals. It provides protection against abnormal corrosion. It is applicable to water system containing antifreeze / antifreeze, industrial water treatment system, oil cracking plant, cleaning work, lubricating oil plant and petrochemical plant. The company has made great efforts to develop this product in recent years. This product has a good anti-corrosion effect at a low dose. This product belongs to passivation inhibitors, which can prevent the corrosion of various metals. It is a very effective corrosion inhibitor in closed systems with low dissolved oxygen and systems with low make-up water.

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