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Product introduction:

Pickling cleaning agent is a fast and safe chemical descaling agent specially designed for various types of large and medium-sized circulating cooling water systems, central air conditioning systems and condenser cooling water systems. It can quickly remove scale, rust scale and microbial clay scale on the water side of the whole system in a short time; The descaling rate is more than 97%, which makes the system recover more than 95% of the original process parameters, and effectively solves the common phenomenon that the cooling and heat transfer effects of circulating cooling water system, central air conditioning refrigeration and condenser become worse year by year and the corrosion becomes worse year by year. It rapidly peels, loosens and dissolves scale, rust scale and other mineral deposits through penetration, stripping and dissolution; Dissolve it in water and be discharged. It can also clean the soil and sand mixed in the scale together. In the cleaning process, it has a good corrosion inhibition effect on the pipeline and equipment metal. This product can be applied to the single equipment of various circulating water systems and on-line non-stop cleaning.

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