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Project Name: Huadian water sewage treatment plant

Project process: oil removal + air flotation + pre aeration + Anaerobic + anoxic + aerobic + secondary sedimentation + flocculation sedimentation

Water source: domestic sewage

Water quality: the content of COD in the influent water is high, and the discharge standard meets the national first-class discharge standard

Service time: from May 2021 to now

System operating conditions:

Dosing scheme:

Chemical name



Dosing mode

Anionic polyacrylamide



Continuous dosing

Cationic polyacrylamide



Continuous dosing

Operation data







Take 100ml of excess sludge



Mud and water are not separated






The cationic polyacrylamide models gl-619 (left) and gl-621 (right) are diluted into aqueous solution according to the concentration of 1 ‰, and the dosage is 1%. The results are shown in the figure



After adding PAM, the sludge in the muddy water sinks together, the upper water is clear, and the muddy water separation is obvious. Gl-621 reagent is good, with fast sedimentation speed and clear upper water

Operation effect

The flocculation of anionic polyacrylamide wastewater of Shandong Greatlakes New Material Co., Ltd. is good, and the effluent quality meets the national discharge standard. The sludge in cationic polyacrylamide slurry sinks together, the upper water is clear, the mud water separation is obvious, the sedimentation speed is fast, and the upper water is clear, which ensures that the effluent quality meets the national regulations.

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